• RGBWC Smart Light LED for Home and Industry with Plug´N Play™
  • IP67
  • Impact resistant and built in a strong aluminum profile.
  • RGBWC high quality LED light, flicker free.
  • Use Smart Life App and control the NRX RGBWC Smart Light from anywhere. Works with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network.
  • Multi-color light. Create your favorite light effects colors, instantly change the look and atmosphere of the room/building. Each color Red, Green and Blue can provide 8W and in total up to 25W in combinations
  • White light with tunable temperature from 2700-6500K with adjustable output of up to 25W
  • Scenes and Music. Use one of the pre-installed scenes according to your wishes or create a custom scene and let your creativity run. You also have the option to let the color light be controlled from Music input using your Smart Phone microphone.
  • Set up multiple schedules to turn the lights on and off according to the time you want. The schedule can be repeated daily or weekly.
  • Set up automation to control your light from external events e.g. setup color mode at sunset.
  • With Plug´N Play™ system, up to 32 Luminaires can be connected in series (<800W).
  • Easy mounting and installation

     NRX 1003 RGBWC Datasheet


               1 pcs: 750,00 DKK ex. moms and 937,50 DKK incl. moms

               2 pcs: 600,00 DKK ex. moms and 750,00 DKK incl. moms

             4+ pcs: 525,00 DKK ex. moms and 656,25 DKK incl. moms

             Addional charges for shipping and accessories


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NewRoniX Smart Light Systems

NewRoniX Smart Light System offers many types of Color Lights for indoor and outdoor facilities. Light Themes and Scenes can be tailored to customers demand. Each light can be individually controlled for better dynamic experiences.

Our Smart Light Systems offer high effect LED light in an industrial grade.

Contact NewRoniX for more information and quotation for your next Smart Lighting project.

NRX Smart Light installed in Budolfi Plads Parking, Aalborg

In the parking lot at Budolfi Plads, our LED light and Smart light System have been installed.

The light is connected to our Smart Light system, and can easily be controlled via a Smartphone.


Smart Light system is a fully automated system that can play changing colors from a pre-programmed calendar.

During the day the light will give an experience beyond the usual, with changing color themes which gives a fantastic experience when visiting the parking lot.


In the morning and in the evening the light will be warm and calm, which sets the right mood and creates a feeling of security.


A "light library" of different light scenes are pre-installed, which makes it easy to select the light file you want to play. In addition, it is possible to prepare customer-specific light scenes that are adapted to the environment in and around the parking garage or for an event.