NRX 5231 Light Controller

Controlling of 3 light output lines:
✓ Daylight functions: sunrise / sunset
✓ Each output line programmable for automated schedule “AUTO”
✓ Each output line got manual switch to select between “ON”, “OFF”, “AUTO”
✓ Each output line has relay to support on/off, max 16A
✓ Two output lines support 0-10 V dimmable output
✓ Up till 4 x Luxmeters, connected by shielded CAT5 or CAT6 cable
✓ Real time measuring of lux level
✓ Advanced algorithm to control brightness, on/off
✓ All 3 light output lines support luxmeter

NRX 5231 Light Controller Datasheet

NRX 5001 Bruger Manual (DK)

NRX 5001 User Manual (UK)

NRX 5231 Installationsvejledning (DK)

NRX 5231 Installation guide (UK)

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NRX 5231 Light Controller installation video

NRX 5231 Settings for RNS Viking armature video

NRX 5231 Light Controller is based on NRX5001 Smart Controller